Gara Vasara 2017 / Soulmates Gathering

Journey. Retreat. Meeting… The same Magic, only this year in a closer “family” format.

Our this year’s Gara Vasara Journey will be held from July 20 till 25 in the Magic Garden of Lucavsala, Riga.

The main difference from the previous Journeys is that this year there will be only 60 places for participants* and 15 places for volunteers in this “Cosmic ship”.

*(On May 31 there are 25 places left)

The program is almost ready and there are only a few master classes reserved for a surprise (although they happen regularly and actually are not even surprises anymore) – proposals from special masters, teachers or musicians.

The final, complete and precise list of masters and program will as usually be published closer to the end of June, so for now please follow the latest news in the events’ calendar of garavasara portal.

Here is the draft program for this moment:

-        All five days there will be a unique yoga course with Mikhail Ogorodnikov (Russia/India);

-       Similarly all of the Journey from Trace Dance till Zen will be guided by the master of expression and emptiness – Joseph Pepe Danza (Uruguay/Israel);

-        Self-regulation body techniques with Zara (India/Russia);

-        Trauma releasing breathing techniques and sessions;

-        Secrets of introspection, nutrition, health and natural beauty in the workshops and masterclasses with Julia Krakova (Israel);

-        Tantric practices and meditations;

-        Family constellations and masterclasses of topical astrology with Alona Ramjeet Kaur;

-        Ecstatic dance, conscious trance journeys, storytelling;

-        Facial yoga and other secrets of health and beauty with Bhavani Prem;

-        Connection with Men’s power and sacral sexuality with Bharganath;

-        Healing vibrations, sound and voice masterclasses with Alicia and Richardas Eliakas (Lithuania);

-        Opening of voice and creative flow with Shakima (Ukraine);

-        Shamanic practices, rituals, concerts*, dancing… Everything needed for your Rebirth!

* evening concerts will be open for a certain number of additional guests. Please share and invite your friends and relatives!

There will also be a tea-house, chill out zone, bath-house, health and beauty zones, demonstrations, presentations and individual sessions.

The location of this year’s event facilitates many organizational and technical details. The center of Riga is just 15 minutes away with a bicycle, but the city is neither heard, nor felt.

It will be possible to stay on the spot in tents or overnight at home if that’s more convenient.

Your participation fee till July 1 is 222€ for the whole five days’ Journey, including evening concerts, but excluding catering and the ceremony of shamanic bath Temazcal.

If you have been expecting this message for a while already, please don’t hesitate and book your participation by paying the advance payment of 100€ (see the button “Book now” below).

In the case you are interested to join the volunteers, please get in touch with us.

From July 10 till 19 there will be a camp of Yoga, Meditation and Magic Garden formation “Magic 2017”.




With Love, 

Your Gara Vasara