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 E L E M E N T A L nature R E T R E A T

E L E M E N T A L nature R E T R E A T

Sākuma datums:
6. septembrī, 2017
Beigu datums:
10. septembrī, 2017
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
, , Poland

Nature getaway in stunning Polish lake district.We are delighted to welcome you to a journey into self-discovery and reconnection with your inner wisdom in incredibly beautiful lake region of Poland. Supported and nourished by surrounding nature, take time out to rest, relax, gain new energy for upcoming seasons, retreat your body, mind, and spirit.The retreat is focused on exploring 5 elements (air, earth, fire, water and spirit) and seeing how we and our everyday lives relate to them. How we can awaken and harmonise these elements inside us and outside us. By connecting to the rhythms of nature we will embrace the change of seasons and beginning of autumn. As September marks the harvesting season, theend of growing, we are invited to be turning inward, learn more about ourselves. Just like old leaves change colour and drop, we’re leaving behind what doesn’t serve us anymore providing the space for what is most important in our lives to emerge. There will be time and space for self - reflection and journaling, so we can feel and reflect on what we have experienced, learnt, done and see what lies ahead of us.

We will explore the connection with ourselves, our elemental patterns and potential through:

- Somatic Movement
- 5 Elements Dance Activation™
- Dynamic meditation practices
- Bodywork
- Playfulness
- Voice work
- Nature walks
- Breathwork
- Nature inspired mindfulness practices
- Stillness

Dance and movement are both powerful natural tools which bring us back to our bodies and allow us explore them in new ways. They will assist us to unwind the effects of the past, so we can become more spacious and ready to receive the gifts that the life and the Earth has to offer.

Reconnecting with the nature that we are and nature that nurtures, supports and heals us is an essential part of the retreat. There will be plenty of space for nature walks, lake swims and bonfires, healthy plant-based food, balanced time for solitude and group activities.

You will go back home go home inspired, nurtured and fulfilled with the wisdom of your own body in stillness and in motion. And most importantly you will go home feeling more connected to yourself, the nature, its rhythms and cycles, the beauty that surrounds you every day and a privilege to make the Earth a better place for all starting with yourself, right here, right now.

More info: 

Stunning Masurian Lake District (Mazury) - the land of rolling hills dotted with over 2000 lakes, surrounded by forests and meadows, healthy little farms, scattered tracts and small towns.
Located in North East Poland also known as the land of a thousand lakes is a perfect place for all who like natural beauty and wildlife and the peace and space in which to explore it.

Lipowy Dom, Mazury Lake District, Poland
An unusual place right by a quiet lake in the midst of the unspoiled beauty of the Mazury landscape, far from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist destinations.
We will be accommodated in shared rooms in a cosy, domestic atmosphere and we will enjoy amazing homemade vegan meals prepared with loving care and attention to every detail.
More info about the venue here :

Ilze Jece- certified embodied facilitator, somatic movement educator, and humanitarian. Trained in various schools of bodywork and movement, she brings wisdom and practices from various disciplines. Over many years she has been teaching playful and integral yoga and acroyoga classes, delivering sessions, workshops, retreats on holistic therapies across the World. Additionally, Ilze has been delivering courses and workshops in embodied leadership, embodied power and peacebuilding, as well as sustainability and social justice for organizations and agencies worldwide like British Council, United Nations Environment Program, Louis August Jonas Foundation, Europe-Asia Foundation, International Young Naturefriends to mention few. Her work is inspired by teachings of nonviolent communication, various schools of Buddhism and progressive work of social innovators. She is known for her ability to create nurturing and safe space where others can discover their potential, embrace the power and express withheld emotions.

Kasia Stepien - dance meditation and movement practitioner, social change facilitator, explorer and a human being.
Her work and life is inspired by wisdom of indigenous cultures, connection with nature, authentic movement, mindfulness, body-oriented therapies and Jungian psychology. 
Recently she has became a certified 5 Elements Dance Activation™ facilitator. Continuing her journey, she aspires to share her passion of exploring the connection with body through movement. With her work she wishes to inspire people to reconnect with their bodies and to open up to their inner wisdom and potential.

€ 280 early bird ( €330 after 25th of July ) in shared rooms
€320 early bird (€370 after 25st of July) in a single room.

This includes ALL accommodation, tuition & meals from Wednesday 17 pm until Sunday 3 pm. 

For questions and sign-ups contact us:
phone: 00371 29592832 / 0044 7831 919952


Rīga, Latvia

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