Rules of PRO profile usage:

  • PRO profile is intended for centres, organizations and individual organizators, who work in different directions of self-development and self-knowledge.
  • PRO profile is designed to help centers and organizers in their work. It gives the opportunity:
    1. To present and reflect activities of a center – to publish information about a center, its directions of work, teachers, classes and the latest news.
    2. To add events to the website calendar and invite people to these events.
    3. To familiarize others with your direction, share experience and knowledge, help to get clear about the topic, download related video, create articles.
  • As PRO profile is related to professional activity, wchich is presented on a center’s website, we check the data your are providing before confirming the PRO profile. If everything is ok, we confirm it and you may start to use your PRO profile.
  • We have a few simple rules, that we are asking to follow. Please:
    1. Do not publish and distribute information (including events), that is not related to the subject and direction of the website.
    2. Do not distribute advertising and other commercial information.
    3. Do not use advertising vocabulary, slogans and cliché like “hot offer”, “only in our center”, “sale”, “contest”, “discounts” etc. and do not emphasize the advantages of your center comparing to others, when informing about your activity.
  • We reserve the right to delete any information similar to this.

Good luck and welcome!