1.     For whom PRO-profile is designed

PRO-profile is designed for centers, organizations and individual organizers, who work in different directions of self-knowledge and self-development.


2.     PRO-profile features 

  • PRO-profile is intended to help centers and organizers in their work. It give the opportunities to:
  • Display activity of a center that is to publish information about a center, direction of its work, teachers, classes as well as the latest news.
  • Add events to common calendar and invite participants for them.
  • To acquaint others with its direction, share experience and knowledge, help to understand the topic

3.     Conditions of creating

As PRO-profile is associated with professional activity, which is displayed on the website, before confirming it, we check the data filled in. If everything is fine, we confirm your PRO-profile and you can start to use it.


4.      Filling the information about a center, choosing direction

As soon as you agree with the rules of using the website, you can start to fill you PRO-profile with information. Write a short description of what you do. Then choose from the list of directions 3 main and not more than 5 additional directions of your work. To switch to the list of additional directions, press “Additional directions” above the list. If you can’t find direction you need, write it in the special field under the list.

Choosing directions is necessary to make it easier and more comfortable to find you on the website and in catalogue („Where to find”) on the 1st page.


5.     Adding/changing picture and banner

After filling in and saving the necessary basic information, you can add a picture and a big banner for visual design. Move the cursor on the blank field and press on the button „change avatar”. Do the same with the banner.

To crop your picture (avatar) or banner, move the cursor to it and choose „Crop”.

To change the picture (avatar) or banner, move the cursor to it and choose „Change”.


6.     Team

PRO–profile can be administered by several people if you add them to your team. To do this, first, make sure you are logged in as a PRO-profile (top right corner), click on the arrow and choose „Edit profile”. Go to „Team” and start to type the names of people you want to be a part of your team (this person has to be registered on the website) and choose from the names suggested by the system. People will see your team on the page of your PRO-profile, thus they will be able to contact any of you.


7. Editing your PRO-profile information

To change the information in your PRO-profile, choose „Edit profile” in the top right corner of the page next to the small window „You are logged in as”.


8. Switching from private profile to PRO-profile

You can switch from your private profile to PRO-profile and vice versa by choosing appropriate profile in the small window in the top right corner of the page („You are logged in as”).



9. Teachers

In your PRO-profile you can name teachers and facilitators you are working with. Go to „Facilitators” section, click „Edit facilitators” and then „Add facilitator”. If facilitator or teacher has a private profile on the website, just start to type his or her name and choose from system suggestions. If teacher or facilitator has no private profile on the website, then fill in the fields below and add a photo.


10. History

In the „History” section you will find all events ever created by your PRO-profile, excepting those that you marked as hidden from profile history when you were creating them.


11. Creating event

From your PRO profile you can add events to the common calendar on the website. Go to the section „Events” and click „Add new event”. In the description field you can place a text in 3 languages. Place your description in every language in appropriate section („Description in English”, „Description in Latvian”, „Description in Russian”)

When creating an event you can also add a file with invitation, which becomes personalized once uploaded and can be saved by users on their computer, as well as printed out later and used as a flyer (you can ask participants to show it on the entry). Put a tick near „Invitation” and choose a file.

If you don’t want your event to be shown in „History” section among other events ever created by you PRO-profile, put a tick near „Hide from PRO-profile history”.

Brief description (on the left) is the description people will see when moving the mouse on the name of your event not yet opening it. Here you can give a very brief peace of information on the essence of event.

Choosing direction when creating an event is important to ensure that when people are searching for any information by this direction, they will find your event as well.

NB! In the common calendar of events it is allowed to add only big special events like seminars, groups, retreats, workshops etc. that are happening once in a while. You can also add the first class/lecture/seminar from the cycle, just to show the beginning of series of regular classes. The rest regular classes have to be added in „Scheduler” section in your PRO-profile.

To change the information about event, go to this event (after creating events appear on the left in your PRO-profile) and choose „Edit event”.

You can also create subevents in your event. After creating the main event (for example, a festival), click „Edit event” and then go to „Program”. Here you can create as much subevents as you plan within the main event.


12. Inviting participants for event

To invite people for your event, go to this event and click „Invite your follower”. Choose those you want to invite from the list of your followers. Mind that on the website you can invite only your followers, this is why we recommend to actively invite people to follow your PRO-profile!

A person you invited will find the invitation in „Friends” section under the „Invitations”. The invitation will be also sent as an e-mail.

You invite people who are not registered on the website. They will receive an e-mail with invitation. Click on „Invite your follower” and find the field for e-mails under the list of your followers. Write down the e-mails of people you like to invite.


13. Inviting people to follow your PRO-profile

When a person follows your PRO-profile, all your activity (new events, articles, videos, comments, tweets etc.) are displayed in his „Flow” (wall). You can invite a person to follow your PRO-profile. Go to his private profile and choose „ Invite  follower”.


14. Adding articles

To publish an article in your PRO-profile, go to „Articles” and choose „Add new article”. Don’t forget to name the source or the author after the article. When copying the text from other website, make sure it didn’t changed its layout when had pasted. This is why we suggest you save an article as a draft („Draft” button) first and then check how the text looks like. If it’s OK, press „Complete”, if not – press „Edit”.

It is important there are no pictures in the pasted text. A picture has to be added separately from your files, as it is offered below the field for the text. You will be able to crop the picture in compliance with required size after you save an article. To do this, move the mouse on the picture and choose „Crop”.

If you put a tick near „Public”, your article will go to administration, will be checked and made available for everyone when searching by key words or in the catalogue of directions.

To make it easier for people to find this articles, you can add tags in the special field.

You can also recommend your article for publishing on the 1st page of the website. Just put a tick near „Recommend for the 1st page”.

To make changes to the text, name or picture of your article, open it and choose „Edit” on the left. After editing is finished, choose „Complete”.


15. Adding videos

To add video to your PRO-profile, choose „Add video”.

You can add tags to your video to make it easier for people to find it, as well as recommend it for publishing on the first page. Just put a tick near „Recommend for the 1st page”.


16. Creating a gallery

To add photos, got to „Galleries” and choose „Add new gallery”. Upload your photos and add descriptions if you like. To change the sequence of the photos, click on the picture, hold and pull the picture to another place. To remove a photo, click on the gallery name and choose „Edit”. Click the cross next to description of the photo you want to delete.