Everything you should know to register your private profile on Gara Vasara:

1. By registering on Gara Vasara portal, you join pople who are on the way of self-knowledge, no matter what teachings or practices they are following.

2. Private profile gives you the opportunities to:

• Follow activity of centers and know about events they are organizing.

• Follow the common calendar of events, register for events and invite your friends to join.

• Communicate with old friends and find new ones, ask teachers and event organizers questions you like.

• Share your experience and knowledge with others by publishing articles, videos and galleries in your profile. You can also recommend any article or video to publish on the website. When publishing any article of another author, do not forget to name the source!

3. When filling in the information about yourself, please give only reliable and actual data. We will not sell, share or give this information to third parties.

4. Once registered on the website, you will automatically start to receive Gara Vasara newsletters with latest news from us. If you do not want to receive news from Gara Vasara, just click the link “unsubscribe from this list” in the end of any newsletter.

5. We have a few simple rules, that we are asking to follow. Please:

• Treat other users with respect, understanding and love ☺

• Do not publish and distribute information that does not correspond to orientation of the website.

• Do not distribute advertising and other commercial information.

• Do not create “fake” profiles with information about other people. We reserve the right to delete any information similar to this.

Welcome to Gara Vasara!