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The Inner Flame: A Self-healing and Transformation Intensive with Devageet

The Inner Flame: A Self-healing and Transformation Intens...

Sākuma datums:
August 24, 2013
Beigu datums:
August 30, 2013
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Viesu māja „Vecais Ceļš” (Gest house “The Old Way”), Augšlīgatne, Latvia

Devageet has developed effective, fast-track ways to uncover and discover the Healing Power of Awareness. This workshop will use the following original tools of transformation:
* Geet-Chung: Somatic Mindfulness.
* The Eight Screens of Awareness.
* The Diamond Thunderbolt.
* Transomatic Starlight Colour Dialogue.
* Maxi-Starlight Sessions.
* Osho Meditations.
* Sharing, Dancing, Jokes and stories.
* Transomatic Focusing.
* Profound Integration.
* Trance Relaxation,
* A.U.M. AUM Chanting,
* Psychobiological Finger Mudras for self-remembering,
And more...

This workshop is an opportunity to discover your unknown self, to heal wounds from the past,
To activate your higher potentials; above all for you to restore to life your inner flame of joy, juice and jubilation,
by discovering the adventure of authentic self-discovery with meditation.

Workshop language – English – with Latvian translation.

Participants: 20 persons

Workshop place: Gest house „Vecais Ceļš” (“The Old Way”) next to the city Ligatne, its aprox.70 km from capital city Riga. Nice place between forests and meadows. Web page: Map:

Workshop agenda:
August 24 – arrival, 6:30 pm- 8.30 pm – introduction
August 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 – workshop
August 30 – leaving

Workshop cost: 350 EUR (Devageet honorarium) + 140 LVL (Latvian lats) (aprox. 200 EUR) (accommodation and feed (vegetarian) costs for 8 days, can be some changes depend of count of participants)

If you have some questions, please contact us:
Asnate - asnate_rimsane, mobile (+371) 29112616.
Marta –, mobile (+371) 26475178

More info about Swami Devageet:,
OSHODONTICS is a therapeutic approach to self-healing and the self-transformation of individual consciousness by accessing body-held memories from physical organs and the teeth and jaws.

Aims of Oshodontic© Therapy:

A. Self-Healing, using Transomatic Dialogue©.
B. Self-Transformation of Consciousness by individual Akashic Processing©.

Transomatic Dialogue recognises that every disease carries a specific life-message from the unconscious mind. In dis-ease the body-mind is a reluctant messenger, forced by repressed memories within the unconscious mind, to create dysfunction in order to teach the individual how their unawareness is r4educing their life potential. Physical signs and symptoms of disease, once they are given a voice, provide precise details of the repressed core-event and its emotional content. Transomatic Dialogue is a unique method that enables the body itself to speak, using the individual's voice. In this way the message is delivered directly by the individual.
Transomatic Dialogue, by using feeling-sense-awareness as a precision tool for healing, is meditation in action.


(+371) 26475178
Rīga, Latvia

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