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3-days group: "Tantra is Love" by Hariprem

3-days group: "Tantra is Love" by Hariprem

Sākuma datums:
May 01, 2015
Beigu datums:
May 03, 2015
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Ojako Puhkekeskus, Pärnumaa, Estonia

3- days tantra group 1. mai –3 May 2015 Estonia

Love is not what we think it is. We are all looking for the experience of Love, because there is nothing more fulfilling than Love. At the same time we are very scared of Love, because in Love we have to be true, we have to drop our mind games, we have to be naked in front of the other. Love is almost like dying. Still everyone looks for Love, because without Love our Soul cannot fly.

Our love, as we know it is very unconscious. When we fall in love we are not aware that many unconscious forces are involved. In our group we explore this dilemma. Tantra offers a way to meet with the Truth that we are. To come out of dreams and illusions, and connect with our eternal being of love and light.

By our Tantra Meditation Practice, we bring more consciousness into our Heart, and open a way to start Rising in Love instead of falling. Tantra is the way of Conscious Love, and only conscious love can nourish our Soul, so that our life becomes a Celebration, a Dance of Love and Joy.

We are all divine beings of love. We have come to this planet to learn about love in a physical body and a physical world. However, we all have forgotten our divine nature and our purpose here on Earth, and as a consequence we live in great confusion and suffering.

Meditation helps us to remember who we really are, and helps us to come back to love, joy and peace. We find our home within, in the inner space of the Heart, the inner space of Love.

The workshop is aiming at looking directly into our reality without any mediator and without any concepts. Many ancient oriental and also modern successful self-evolution techniques content practices which help people to connect with their inner being.  Managing those techniques  can raise your everyday quality. The connection with our inner love and peace- to what we really are, helps not to be dependent on external conditions. It makes us less manipulative, as we are not led by fears any more.

We do not search for God outside ourselves, and the moment this understanding starts to happen, we come to a totally new quality of life. Suddenly we realize that all wisdom that we need is hidden within our own Heart, and all joy and love that everybody is searching for outside themselves in money, fame, relationship, it is also available within us. Suddenly we understand the true meaning of life: it is to realize who we really and truly are. This is true awakening.

In Tantra, the other (the partner, the lover) is extremely helpful in our process of awakening from a long sleep; the other is simply a mirror, and reflects back your own inner reality. This is the reason why in the Tantra Experience we will do many meditations with a partner, to open the space of love together, and the awakening can happen in a natural and joyful way.

We welcome both men and women, alone or with a partner.

Course for those who are ready to take a jump, out of their comfort zone, into a space full of magic, mystery, adventure, aliveness, the space of the unknown, where life becomes again a thrill, enjoyed from the innocence of the heart.

This course will take place in a playful, safe and loving atmosphere. Three days consist of energetic and breathing and meditation practices. A lot of dancing, sharing and enjoying to melt in the space of love and innocence. It is opening up to a completely different dimension of being, where life becomes a celebration and a creative flow.

The course is very practical, full of different meditations, tips and techniques how to reach the deep existential  dimension  with the partner.  This is a great opportunity for  couples who would like to share their path of self –evolution  and to  move forward in their relationship. Also for singles, who would like to understand and experience the deepest dimensions of communication with the opposite gender.

The course will help to understand
…  the path into the source of peace and love within
… how to be  self fulfillingly loving
… how to maintain an everyday contact with your inner sources
… how to treat preconceptions, which create limitations between you and  the others
… how to support your partners gently and lovingly  by opening up
… how you are being truly loved and loving

The course will be led in English and translated to Estonian.

The teacher of Tantra and Tao has been a Osho sannyasin since 1979. He is teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung (the path of Tao) for more than 20 years. Since 1999 he is teaching Tantra and he founded the OshoLeela LoveMysterySchool with his expartner to share the experience and wisdom of their Tantric Transformation. For now he is a beloved tantra teacher all over the world.

Now he is mainly  teaching in India, Arambol  (Goa) since November till March. In the summer season he is teaching in different countries in Europe.

Hariprem has told:” The heart is Heart the place where transformation of the human energy into the Divine becomes possible. The Divine is to be found inside one’s own being, and the Heart is the meeting point of the material and spiritual dimensions. Only through the Heart transcendence becomes possible, transcendence of all dualities, transcendence of life and death, transcendence of yin and yang, transcendence of Shiva and Shakti…

Since 2014 he is travelling and sharing  love together with Ananda Kaulika.

She is a Mystic Woman from West-Bengal, India, who has been raised up in the middle of Baul tradition and has been a helper of a nowadays most beloved Baul mystic. Baul Mystic is a spiritual tradition which has influences from Hinduism, tantra, Vasianaism and Sufism. Baul followers don`t belong to any organized religion, they don´t accept  the cast system, they don´t have gods, temples nor holy places. They believe that God lives inside of people and all everyday life is the expression of the divine.  In the  tradition of the Baul Mystics poetry, music, singing and dancing are very important, because through this can a person connect with the divine and it’s the base for getting to the path of spiritual awakening.  In the course we can listen to Kaulikas singing for sure.


Time and value:
1 May – 3 May 2015
Friday 10.00 to Sunday  18.00
Ojako Puhkekeskus

Until  15 March 205 €
Until 15 April 225 €
Later on 250 €

Price includes prepayment (40 €) , which we ask you to pay transfer (see below), the remaining amount will be paid cash on site. 115 € per person for the meals and accommodation will also be paid cash on site.

Registration: Send a message to virge.kuivjogi@gmail.com and transfer prepayment 40 € (non-repayable) Loomenaudingurõõm OÜ  EE112200221056382849, Please indicate “hariprem may” and participant’s name on the payment.

Further information:  virge.kuivjogi@gmail.com or  +372 524 0468


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