Masters of calm 2015

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Masters of Calm 2015

Masters of Calm 2015

Sākuma datums:
August 12, 2015
Beigu datums:
August 16, 2015
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Duburio hidrografinis draustinis, Zarasų r, Zarasai, Lithuania

This is nine days-long festival of spiritual practises, which this year will be held on August 7-16 in one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania - Dūburis island. In this festival we invite all who wish to experience spiritual peace and harmony, to regain confidence, to be together happy here and now. 

Here we will learn of the best in their field of yoga,  meditation, reiki, cigun, healthy lifestyle, ayurved, astrology and, of course, each other. In the festival will be held various types of workshops, which everyone can choose according to their needs. It is a spiritual camp for all those who are already find their way and for those who are still looking for him. 

If you're one of those people who are looking for something but do not know where to start, this camp is a great opportunity to get acquainted with various spiritual development practices and find a suitable and acceptable way for yourself. Every journey begins with the first step, but often before taking first step, we wait half-life for the sign or inspiration. Let's take a first step together here and now.

In the festival will attend 60 teachers and lecturers

and there will be held 240 lectures and practical activities.

For more information and tickets go to


+370 630 32813
Duburio hidrografinis draustinis, Zarasų r., Zarasai, Lithuania

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