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Workshop for Women: Feminine Nature and its Realization. The Art of Pleasure

Workshop for Women: Feminine Nature and its Realization. ...

Sākuma datums:
March 06, 2016
Beigu datums:
March 06, 2016
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Slokas 1, Bellevue Park hotel, Rīga, Latvia

Workshop for Women: Feminine Nature and its Realization. The Art of Pleasure

How can a woman achieve self-actualization? What helps a woman to constantly feel happy? How can one reveal her unique feminine talents? How can one awaken the source of joy and ecstasy within yourself? Where does feminine power dwell? How can you feel attractive, charming, and relaxed? How can you awaken an erotic woman within yourself?

You will be able to find out and experience answers to these questions in the course. You will come into contact with your feminine nature, your inner world, you will get acquainted with the techniques of feminine self-actualization, you will experience and live yourself anew, discover exceptional feminine talents, acquire practical skills of staying in constant contact with your feminine power. The training session proposes a very efficient method: you acquire authentic experience and actual skills in a relatively short time. It prompts direct sensual experience and provides psychological insights and knowledge, and also develops EQ. The training helps activate creativity, teaches to enjoy the freedom of your body, and introduces you to the potential of feminine actualization as well as the alchemy of feminine power. The training session will include new and inspiring experiences, which are hard to describe in words, they can only be experienced. 

This brief training session consists of two parts: 

1. Attitude-broadening lecture “Feminine nature and its realization. The art of pleasure” 1 hour

2. Meditative energy practices “Knowing feminine nature” 3 hours

1. Attitude-broadening lecture “Feminine nature and its realization. The art of pleasure”

- What is feminine nature? 

- Feminine talents and revealing them

- What makes a woman happy and actualized?

- Erotica and sex in a woman’s life

- A woman’s harmonious relationship with her body

- Naturalness and feminine charm

2. Meditative energy practices “Knowing feminine nature”

- Energy practices that reveal feminine nature

- A woman’s “power spot”

- Feminine charm methods

- Meditative practice “I am the source of femininity”

- The magic of the world of sensations

- The art of relaxing

Andrė Amiya Pabarčiūtė is the founder and head of “The School of Feminine Magic” (“Moters Magijos Mokykla”), emotional intelligence development trainer, author of the book “The Genius of a Woman”, famous singer, actress, composer. She has been improving in the fields of personal and spiritual development for the last 14 years. For 10 years already, Andrė Amiya has been sharing her experience in teaching women and men to know their genius, build harmonious relationships, reveal spiritual potential, sacred femininity, and blissful sexuality, to lead a happy and successful life.

Andrė Amiya learned from enlightened masters of European spiritual transformative Tradition as well as authentic Cashmere Tantra masters. More information available here: , , and

Feedback on brief training sessions of The School of Feminine Magic:

“It exceeded all my expectations. The companionship of women and courses were nice but the exercises were life changing. They did not allow self-deception, they did not allow you to place restrictions on yourself. Achieving self-actualization was the only option. The greatest power you have is that the ability to fulfil your dreams using your femininity is within you. Not only will you learn it, you will experience it.” Vilma

“I found myself as a woman in “The School of Feminine Magic”. I found a great potential in me that turns day to day into a miracle!  New people have come into my life, new opportunities.  Every day you feel different.  New discoveries, new information.” Julija      

“It frees you from the inside out, it opens old talents or never before used talents. You see options and opportunities which are beyond your field of vision. Very useful. You fall onto this wave and all the learning is focused on the purpose that you want to achieve. You taste life; you become a creator.” Inga   

“An inordinate amount of discoveries and changes inside and out. My body was filled with energy, my thoughts became clear, creative and light! Amazing experiences! A constant uplifting feeling! A very friendly environment and amazingly warm company.  Mmmmmmmmm  :)” Egle 

“Women’s magic is a gift that we all have but don’t know how to unwrap! The School of Feminine Magic provides you with a real opportunity to become acquainted with your female potential and learn how to use it in your daily life.  During the year I spent in these classes, I found many answers to life’s meaningful questions.  I learned how to live from the overabundance of energy, how to be happy, how to love my body and accept it, just as it is.  I wish everyone amazing experiences in The School of Feminine Magic – it is fantastic!” Justina    

“The School of Feminine Magic is unique in that it touches all of the areas of our lives. You learn how to release your talents in your social life, grasp what your wishes are, understand how to structure your personality so that you are happy. You relax, you let go of judgments, you learn how to have pleasure in your intimate life. You discover your inner, spiritual life, which helps you find harmony and balance in all areas of your life. And the most amazing thing is that this program is aimed at women. We learn using methods and techniques that are pleasing to women. I can’t compare how I felt at the beginning of the program and how I feel now. I am a different woman.” Agne

“In The School of Feminine Magic I learned how to love. How to really love, not selfishly, not subserviently, not by possessing and not by changing the other person. I saw that love is something very different than I had previously thought. I learned that I can only have a relationship with a man – a relationship I had only dreamed of since I was a girl – by being a woman, myself. These types of relationships do not just appear, you have to create them, grow them, nurture them, deepen them and change them as you both wish to. The School of Feminine Magic teaches you just that – how to recognize yourself anew as a woman – as the carrier of life, energy, flight, love, beauty, happiness and creativity.” Zivile

“The School of Feminine Magic is a never-ending journey into yourself – you as a unique being with your own desires and perceptions. It’s knowing the world through other women.  It’s the opening of feminine strength, life and power within yourself. It’s a new way of life. Maybe by coming here you will lose the old, and find the new. Maybe you will find in yourself talents you have not yet realized and you will create in your life what you dared not dream about. Maybe you will become a new person. It all depends on you. You have the chance to open this door. The School of Feminine Magic helped me find my true desires and start living my life based on them.” Viktorija  


Ainažu 5, Saulkrasti, Latvia

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