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Wise Women Weekends present: Welcome Home, a retreat back to your real self

Wise Women Weekends present: Welcome Home, a retreat back...

Sākuma datums:
July 09, 2016
Beigu datums:
July 09, 2016
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Gaia Centrs, Bīriņi, Latvia

Precious Souls, lost in 'busy-ness'...this invitation is for you. Join us for the 3rd event of our 'Wise Women Weekends' series: WELCOME HOME. In this holistic, creative retreat we play with yoga movements, intuitive painting, gentle massage experiences and intuitive writing exercises, designed to bring you gently back to your inner path, as you start your journey 'HOME'. 

Created with love, for women who answer the call from deep inside with a clear: 'YES! It's time to unplug & reconnect with my own creative inner voice!'

Relax, recharge, create and share amongst a group of like-minded women. Engage, playfully, in a range of activities, thoughtfully selected to provide a balance between solitude & interaction; movement & 'sitting in circle'; exploring 'out' & exploring 'in'; body, mind & heart; writing & painting, etc.

The event is on Saturday 9th July. We will begin at 10:30 and finish at approx. 21:00


1. Welcome & introductory  activities with Anickah

2. Light yoga exercises to welcome you home into your body, with Maija

3. Lunch

4. Find yourself in nature: A mindful walk

5. The 'Welcome Home Art Session' with Anickah

6. Supper

7. Gentle mutual hand massage with Maija

8. Reflection session with Anickah

The venue in an old country house (actually, it's a huge barn) in the middle of Latvian wilderness. Here: or on FB:

Here you can see some photos from the previous Wise Women Weekends:!wise-women-weekends/co2a

The price is 25 EUR. We will take our own food with us and share it. Water will be provided.

You'll need a sleeping bag, a blanket or yoga mat if you have one, a bowl, mug, spoon and fork. If you want to borrow any of those, please contact Maija

Workshops and activities will be led by Anickah and Maija.

About Anickah:

Anickah wants, more than anything else, for women to know their value. She holds university degrees in both psychology and education and has obtained further training in body-based trauma-and-attachment therapies, creative therapy and energy psychology. She leads theme-based self-empowerment groups, using creativity as a medium for deep self-exploration. Her crisis-counseling practice is in Bonn.

About Maija:

Maija has studied biology in the Latvian university. She also has a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer licence, as well as a certificate for Classical and SPA Massage and the II degree of Reiki. She has gathered 20 years of experience as Pilates and Yoga trainer and dance teacher. Her goal is to help people be healthy and feel good in their body. Maija currently lives in Düsseldorf where she offers massages and Reiki sessions. 

Please address your questions and sign up at or


Düsseldorf, Germany

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Maija Loeffelbein