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Awakening of the Heart

Awakening of the Heart

Sākuma datums:
October 02, 2016
Beigu datums:
October 02, 2016
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Beigu laiks:
Dzirnavu 53, Riga, Latvia

Dear friends, not to miss this one! This Sunday will be dedicated to the Awakening the Heart. Our dear guest will be Swami Bodhi Musallam, who is leading active meditation and Sufi practices for 20 years . Musallam will share the meditation "The Fragrance of the Flower"
In our everyday life some situations force us to be in the mind. We learn to believe our thoughts and judgments, but not our heart. By pushing away and hiding our true feelings, we prevent our self from fully giving and receiving love; In this journey we will be discovering that we can always trust our heart and safely experience any emotions and feelings without interference from the mind.
First we will use Active meditation for emotional release, after we will do sharing circle and "The Fragrance of a Flower" and then we wrap up the practice with the Trance Meditation.
"The Fragrance of The Flower" Meditation is the awakening of the heart, a perfect example how to rise to unconditional love.
As well as the flower emits its own unique fragrance in all conditions, in the same way our heart has the ability to open up to the unconditional love.
During meditation, "The fragrance of a flower" participants will experience 3 important stages of love - Forgiveness, Acceptance and Gratitude.

For Sunday Meditation Day, please register with me on facebook or call directly, we have to know the numbers of participants a bit in advance.

Come, let go of the tension and nourish your beautiful self with movement and silence.
Wear comfortable clothing and please come on time!
12pm - 12.15 pm introduction
12.15 pm - 1.00 pm - Active Meditation
1.00 pm - 1. 15 pm -Tea break
1,15 pm - 2.30 pm The Fragrance od the Flower
2.30 pm - 3.00 pm - Journey of Trance Meditation
Swami Bodhi Musallam (Aleksandr Talancev)
Anand India (India Jivaeva)
Urban Yoga website:
+371 28 229816 India


+371 28229816
Blaumana 36, Riga, Latvia

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