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COME CLOSE - evening workshop

COME CLOSE - evening workshop

Sākuma datums:
November 09, 2016
Beigu datums:
November 09, 2016
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Rotermanni 2 (TAO Center), Tallinn, Estonia

Events will be led in English and translated to Estonian.

Come and join Sandra for this special evening of deepening and celebrating love & intimacy with your beloved.

You know that feeling? That longing to deepen the connection with your woman, with your man?
We all want to be more intimate, to be more playful, bridging distances that can easily occur in daily life.

You want more of The Art of Relating in your life? To be fully awake in the relationship so you can share the best of you and receive the best of your beloved?

Let’s find out what qualities you can you bring into the space to lift it up, instead of just sharing a space together and taking things for granted, or being . And starting to feel more and more fulfilled instead of states of depletion.

It’s all about energy. Let’s raise the energy some more.
Also the masculine and feminine energy…

We want to feel like and be approached as a real woman and a real man in the relationship.
We want a new level of intimacy. To be in truthfulness and openness. To have a more beautiful, fun, deeper sexual range.
Recognizing and loving the power in the Play of Polarity and how that juices things up. Feeling more attraction again. Going beyond all the stories and dropping in deeper, into yourself, into each other, into the realness of the moment.
We want to go beyond where we get stuck in the psychological dynamics of our relationships with beloveds and really meet on the level where we are fully in our heart and body.

Welcome to do so!

This workshop is a stand alone offering, but also gives a clear preview of the weekend intensive Sandra is offering November 12 & 13.

An evening on Tantra and Conscious Relating. The Next Step to deeper fulfilment and exploration. Coming Home again to yourself and to each other.

Meeting heart to heart, meeting from the newness we are in every breath we take, meeting man to woman, woman to man.

An evening with different excercises and meditations, dance, bodywork, intimate communication, inquiry, and having a beautiful and relaxed insightful evening where you start to look again with new eyes. Curious what you will see?

This evening is a teaching by Sandra Puja Pijl and assisted by Noah Slot.

Wednesday, November 9 at 18.30-21.30
TAO Center, Rotermanni street 2 Elevator building. Entres are indoor street. The nearest parking area are Norde Centrum, Ahtri street 3.

Thursday, November 10 at 18.30-21.30
In the hall of Tartu Centre For Creative Industries (Tartu Loomemajanduskeskus), Kalevi 17

Fee is 25 euros, with friend (2 people) 40 euros.
In cash.

Please register https://goo.gl/forms/hj0gQEUGFqdDbxBq1
Further information: virge.kuivjogi@gmail.com or +372 524 0468

Events will be led in English and translated to Estonian.
K 2. nov EVENING WORKSHOP "Tantric Embodiment" Tallinnas
N 3. nov EVENING WORKSHOP "Tantric Embodiment" Tartus

5.-6. nov. TANTRIC COURSE "The Body Divine" in Tallinn
12.-13. nov. TANTRIC COURSE FOR COUPLES "Come close" in Tallinn

Sandra Pijl - Ma Prem Puja
Founder & True Lover at Love Art Academy. As a Sensualista and Tantric teacher, she passionately guided many men and women to get into their fullness, heart & power of their masculine & feminine core. She showed them a way to an empowered and embodied life: spirited, fulfilling, intimate.
She teaches in workshops, retreats, festivals and private sessions.

She has been a Tantrika for over 18 years, worked as a holistic psychotherapist & counselor. She loves to deepen the Art of Loving and Conscious, Sacred and Energetic Sexuality.
With her rich experiences as a careful girl, wild woman and wise lady, she brings a Soulful & Soulsexy way to touch people with her high quality work and with her loving and sparkling personality.

How does essence lead a daily life? The answer she found: by being a True Lover and living a Tantric Life.

Sandra is the creator of Tantric Temple Parties.
Based on Ibiza and The Netherlands, she’s traveling and working all over the globe.
To see the lights get turned on in the eyes & bodies of men and women is what thrives her. Her gateway to divine aliveness, peace and love.


372 5240 468
Tartu, Estonia

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