Dance of Energy and Consciousness

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Blissgasmic Evening / Exploring Eros ll

Blissgasmic Evening / Exploring Eros ll

Sākuma datums:
April 17, 2017
Beigu datums:
April 17, 2017
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Lampa, 8 Cesu iela, Riga, Riga, Latvia

Imagine you could tap into an unlimited source of energy, anytime you want, alone or with partner. Imagine a life filled with ecstatic bliss, abundant joy and overflowing aliveness. Imagine this door can be opened just by breath..

This playful, easy-going evening we will explore Breathgasm meditation, by using Tantric breath techniques to awaken and move sexual / life-force / creative energy. This technique is originated in Taoist Tantric practices, brought to the West by Joseph Kramer and popularised by Barbara Carellas (author of Urban Tantra, Ecstasy is Necessary and Luxurious Living).
Also evening will include honest comunication excercise on taboo topics and conscious connecting touch.

Workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.
We will create a safe, non judgemental, playful space to support the process
Tea and water provided. Please wear comfortable clothes.
Contribution: 14€ or 22€ if bringing a friend.
questions and registration: atmochai@gmail.com
or phone: 29558186

about facilitators:
- Atmo Chaitanya completed John Hawkens School of Transformation Tantra training in Czech Republic, with additional trainings in Tantric Massage, Dark Eros and Lovemaking for couples. Also worked with Ma Sarita, HariPrem, Sacred Pleasures, Seani love, Andrew Barnes, Ankur, Jewels Wingfield, Elaine Young and James Stivenson. Also assisting tantra and conscious sexuality festivals in England.

- Irina Livija is an adventurer on the path of the heart, with an extended experience in various groups, women circles, bodywork (accredited by Transpersonal Psychology Association) breathwork and latin dance. She`s been assisting many tantra teachers like Prem Gitama, Mahasatvaa Ananda Sarita, Hariprem, Tanhit Maa Kali, Peruquois, Istvan Sky and others. Also Irina is the member of the EuroCoach team.


+371 29889675
Riga, Latvia

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