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Bliss & Nature retreat

Bliss & Nature retreat

Sākuma datums:
July 28, 2017
Beigu datums:
July 31, 2017
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Naukšēni, Latvia, Naukšēni, Latvia

Join us for three wonderful days in one of the jewels of Latvian nature reserves. Relaxing and celebrating life, nourishing our bodies, our hearts and connecting to the Spirit. Weekend will be filled with meditations, yoga, dance and other practises helpful to connect to ourselves,to the nature, to each other. Combination of rituals, practises, free time and delicious vegetarian food, will support us to relax and feel the harmony with nature, rejuvinate, refresh and reinspire.

A little glimpse of the place:

this retreat is designed to relax from the hastles of the city, to awaken the inner flowers, to reconnect to our essence and to enjoy all the gifts that life is offering.
The centre is situated on the rivers Ruya coast. There is a sauna to cleanse the body, after which we can jump in the river or take a boat to journey along the splendid nature.
The centre has a big bright hall with fireplace, big windows overlooking the forest and river, yantras, bamboo bells, candles, as a supportive space for the practises and realigning with inner harmony.

Attention!! There are possible side effects from the retreat! A grounded sense of welbeing, visible increse of energy, joy and inspiration :)
Practises will lead Irina Livija, Atmo Chaitanya and Sergej Bremer.
Programme will include:
- Opening and closing ritual around the fire
- Morning Yoga or Meditations
- Mandalas sand drawing
- Ecstatic dance
- Cacao ceremony
- Bioenergetic excercises
- Tantric ritual
- Meditation in nature
- Live music
- Sauna
- Boat ride along the river

Participation in the programme is voluntary.

The price includes accomodation, food and programme:
Limited amount of places, so book in advance!!
== Early birds (before 30April): 140euro or 250euro per pair (couple or friends)
== Before 15th July: 160euro or 290euro per pair
== After 15th July: 180euro or 330euro per pair
Deposit of 35euro is required upon registration.
It`s possible to bring your own tent. Than cost will be 75euro, including food and programme.

Registration and questions by phone: 29558186 or contact Sergej Bremer
Map of the retreat centre: http://bit.ly/1TLDndQ

Children are welcome, under the supervision of parents.
What to bring:
- comfortable clothes for variety of weather and activities
- personal hygiene objects (soap,toothpaste,etc)
- towel, swimming suit
- sport shoes, slipers
- one bed sheet
- extra duvet, pillow if needed
we will have anti mosquito spray and yoga mats, but bring yours if prefered


+371 29889675
Riga, Latvia

Our team

Atmo Chaitanya