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Emotional Freedom - Meditation camp with Veet Mano

Emotional Freedom - Meditation camp with Veet Mano

Sākuma datums:
August 04, 2017
Beigu datums:
August 06, 2017
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
, Trakai, Lithuania

In a loving and supportive atmosphere we can put aside some of our old protections and open up to a new dimension of energy. Releasing old blocks and stuck emotions - anger, pain, fear, jealousy, repressed sexuality - we free up a space inside us which is longing for love, trust and celebration. We will be practicing in expressing ourselves in different dimensions, opening our hearts and exchanging love through different active techniques and meditations. This process is devoted to the exploration of the barriers that keep our energy from flowing and moving as it wishes. What can you expect in this camp?- You will be able to let go of any traumas and holdings that might prevent you from living joyously;

- Get rid of old repressions, limiting beliefs and fixations;
- Release any hangovers or unfinished businesses from the prior years;
- Create an awareness how the emotional holdings were created;
- Experience new flows of energy;
- Learn how to express emotions in peaceful way;
- Feel more relaxed, balanced and free. 

We will experience many ways to get free of old repressions which will allow you to live a new life full of love and joy and transcend old blocks and limitations.

”Veet does an excellent job at detecting where people’s blockages are, and works with them verbally and using role-playing to better uncover and release the emotional crud.
At the end of the process, I truly felt emotionally free. I first tried this 15 years after I began mediating, and I was surprised how many pipes I had that were still clogged up with crud- emotional crud- much of which was rooted in my early childhood before my adult mind could understand why the world was as it is.”

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VEET MANO is a healer, well know therapist with a work of emotions, opening heart, and relationships, international coach and business consultant. He leads meditation and therapy groups in many different countries. Author of many techniques for emotional release, removal of energy blocks, healing of mental and physical diseases, and the creator of the most modern methods of treating the spine. Participant of 13th "Fight of Extrasenses". 
Veet Mano conducts deep and absolutely original seminars on the transformation of energy. Thousands of people after his groups get out of the depression, quit smoking, take alcohol, change their way of life, start eating right, meditate, love and enjoy life.

More about Veet Mano:

Come and enjoy the taste of your new energy! Do not let life and love pass by - start living right now!

Venue: Vila in peaceful place near the lake and forest, about 50 km from Vilnius ( Accommodation in cozy double rooms with private bathroom.
Meals: 3 times a day nutritious vegetarian meals.
Price: 320 Eur

Rezervation: email – or phone +37061512763;


Smolensko g. 10d-10, Vilnius, Lithuania

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