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 "Source & Synchronicities"

"Source & Synchronicities"

Sākuma datums:
September 30, 2017
Beigu datums:
October 01, 2017
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Bulduri, Jurmala, Latvia



September 30- October 1/ 2017

Are you ready for an Unprecedented Shift in Your Consciousness?

Having a Joyful, Abundant and a Fulfilled Life is no longer a dream; it's a living reality!

See you in Jurmala!

Mara Brante

P&G organizator in Latvia with team


About the course

Welcome to a totally new version of the "The Phenomenon & the Gift " course-

 "Source & Synchronicities"

Finally, a gift that so many of us have been waiting for has arrived!

The course is broadcasted live via video link directly from the Oneness Temple and during these two intense days the participants will be guided into a deep and transformational inner journey that results in a state of inner calm and deep awareness of who you are.

Over the weekend you will enjoy:

- Ancient knowledge
- Various forms of meditation
- In-depth, healing processes
- Dialogue with guides from O&O Academy

Whether you're familiar or completely new to this phenomenon, you will get new insights and transformational experience during this two day course.


The course costs only 300 Euro if you register before September15! 

After September 15th the course is 345 euro.

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

Sign up here:


 About the new course "Source & Synchronicities"


Life can, at times, feel like a boxing match with endless rounds of throwing and receiving punches. There are times we doubt if the universe is conspiring against us or perhaps intending to teach us a lesson.

Alternatively life can also be a great adventure with surprises and delights at every turn.  You greet the vast unknown not with fear but with faith and excitement. Life events unfold in such mysterious ways. You begin to wonder why the universe is choosing to be so benevolent to you. This is a blessed life. The Source and Synchronicities is a powerful course that will open you to a magical life of synchronicities

What are synchronicities?

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. Synchronicities are beautiful, favorable and harmonious occurrences that happen in alignment with your intention. It feels as if this randomly moving universe is arranging itself in patterns in response to your heart’s longing and bringing together beautiful people and situations to support you.

When you experience 1 magical event you call it chance or coincidence. When 2 of these happen you say you got lucky. When they happen for a period of time you say fortune has favored you.

When they happen every day and happen with incredible frequency, we say you have entered a magical life of synchronicities.

Enter a Life of Synchronicities

At the ‘Source and Synchronicities’, you will experience an ultimate fusion of the Power of the Source and the Power of Consciousness. The Source has been addressed by numerous names through time - as the divine, a sacred presence, cosmic consciousness or as universal intelligence. In this course, you will lock into the Source to access Limitless Power. Consciousness is the very ground of all existence. It is the fundamental essence of all that is.

In this course you will learn the spiritual science of creating synchronicities through awakening to the Power of Consciousness.

You will learn the spiritual science of creating synchronicities directly from Preethaji - the Chief Mentor of O&O Academy.

You will master the 3 important zones of synchronicity – healing zone to experience physical heath and rejuvenation, love zone to attract and sustain love, power zone to create and enjoy abundance.

You will be empowered with a transcendental practice to create synchronicities.

O&O Academy

Oneness founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan and One World Academy founded by Krishnaji and Preethaji have come together as this magnificent school for the transformation of human consciousness. It is the grand unification of the Power of Source with the Power of Consciousness.


Guided by Krishnaji and Preethaji - the chief mentors of O&O academy, the Source and Synchronicities will be taught by the faculty members who live a life of dedication and service to humanity.

Who should attend

  • Anyone looking to experience higher states of consciousness and gratitude
  • Anyone looking for more abundance in all aspects of life, improved relationships, health and Grace
  • Anyone who is interested in new life enhancing tools and positive change


A group of participants attented one of the previous course (Phenomenon & Gift) in Stockholm in October, 2016. There are some experiences from them:

I needed several days to explain and understand my new feelings after P&G in Stockholm. The main feeling is- very powerful flow of energy. When I close my eyes immediately I can meditate. My physical body needs to adapt to these new energies- sometimes I feel my heart little bit painful. I am sleeping a lot after the course. But I keep talking to my body and hugging it. First days body wanted to eat only very light food. 
Other sences, like smelling has also strengthened. Everywhere I go I feel a lot of smells and fragrances. so my perception through smells have become much more intense.
In the overall I feel very impressed. Its like me, but at the same time I see myself from the side. its very profound experience.
Thank you,
Dina from Latvia


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to P&G and to everyone who made it possible. 
These 2,5 days were fulfilled with very special Oneness energies. 
I want to share how I feel after this course when I also had to do translation. During the course I did not had time to concentrate or think about myself:) due to translation. But the result is much more I expected.
Now its the 5th day after course and for the first time I experience such deep and calm inner silence. It's some feeling of inner stability and peace. Its that we can call reducing of inner conflict, when every and each moment I know what to do and how to do. And every moment I feel that everything that is going on is going its best way, as it should be. Every moment is perfect.

Even very active and dramatic situations around me cannot take me away from this inner stillness. Thank you Supreme light! I asked to receive this inner peace only in one sphere of life, but now I have received it in a much extensive way.

Thank you Golden Orb, Thank you Supreme Light, Thank you Higher Supreme Self! Received Gift is more and bigger than I expected!
In deepest gratitude,
Mara from Latvia


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