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Singing Bowls Mystery

Singing Bowls Mystery

Sākuma datums:
November 25, 2017
Beigu datums:
November 25, 2017
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Blaumana 36 -5 , Riga, Latvia

Dear Friends! For the first time in our Studio “SunJi” - Yuri Fateev and Valery Yevdokimov will present a new project"Singing Bowls Mystery” From SunJi: “It is said, examined, proven enough that the Tibetan singing bowls hold enormous healing properties.We, the participants of this project, who have rich experience in conducting sound-meditative sessions, invite you to take part in our journeys through the delicate spheres that we create with these unusual harmonizing ancient instruments.The sound of the 40 singing bowls creates an enveloping cloud of sound, relieves anxious thoughts lying deep in the subconscious, "pumps" the old blocks, gives fresh breath to the soul .... moves it to create a new, stronger and healthier architecture of the subtle body.
The bowls in our sounding palette are divided into 2 categories:
a) bowls of a musical-harmonious series - giving the impression of a union of inner vibrations with the Space of the Higher Spheres;
b) bowls of the wave series of planets and cosmic bodies, with their vibrations affecting our world - harmonizing our deep connection with the power flows of the World of Great Forms.
In combination of these two sound vectors, a map of unforgettable astral journeys is built, which we hold regularly and in which we will invite you.
The sound session lasts about an hour and a half. After that we (if necessary) listen to those who want to share their impressions, comments, talk about the project and answer questions, if they appear.
See you at our sessions!
Also we will be glad to receive your comments and constructive comments published on this page in the comments for each session or in personal messages to the authors of the project.”
By booking only:
Please confirm by  call +371 28 22 98 16
Time: 19.00 - 21.00 
Place: Blaumana 36 flat 5. 3 floor. 
Code downstairs F4 00011234
Cost - 12 euro
Wear comfortable cloth and please come on time!


+371 28229816
Blaumana 36, Riga, Latvia

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