Dance of Energy and Consciousness

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The Beauty of Tantric Healing

The Beauty of Tantric Healing

Sākuma datums:
January 27, 2018
Beigu datums:
January 27, 2018
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Lampa.Cēsu iela 8, 2nd floor, Riga, Latvia

Walking on the Tantric path towards Self-realisation, Awakening and Healing, we are presented with a vast variety of tools, techniques and practises. As each of us has unique formulas and codes to unlock our potentials, its good to dip into the variety, to experience within ourselves, what works and what doesn`t.

We are inviting you to explore powerful practises, combining modern and ancient techniques, Including breaking through limiting beliefs, tantric massage, the power of ritual and shamanic hape medicine

During the day we will explore
- TRANSFORMATION - Letting go of shadows/ patterns which keep us small and closed to the Abundance of Beauty, Joy and Love.
- PLEASURE - 5 touch tantric massage, to help us experience the flow of energy in our bodies.
- CELEBRATION - Delightful tantric ritual.
- PRAYER - Shamanic medicine circle.

Welcome to the Beauty of Tantric Healing
First part:
14:00 -- Opening circle and Limiting Beliefs Buster
16:00-18:30 -- Tantric Massage
Second part:
19:00 -- Tantric Ritual
22:00 -- Closing circle
Third part:
22:30 -- 23:30 (or later, open end..) Hape Ceremony (Sacred snuff)

Exchange for the:
> first part: 20€ (14:00-18:30)
> second part: 12€ (19:00-22:30)
> third part: 10€ (22:30-...)
>> All Incl.: 40€
>>> EARLY BIRD 30€ full day (all incl.), if booked and paid before 10th Jan

The first part is open to all levels of experience in Tantra. Including beginners.
For part 2 and 3 - Some experience of tantra or group contact meditation is recommended.

Wear loose comfortable clothes.
The massage is oil optional. Bring oil if you desire it to be used on you.
A note on nudity - not required but welcomed in the massage.

When: 27 january, 2018 at "Lampa", Cesu Str.8 (2 floor)
Please register at ph. (371) 29558186

Atmo Chaitanya has been practising conscious dance, Tantra and meditation for the last 8 years. He is passionate about organising, assisting, co-creating and facilitating conscious dance, cacao and Tantra workshops, which help to heal, awake the vital Energy and to reconnect to the celebration of Life. He is deeply involved in the Tribal Heart shamanic trance dance community, 5rhythms and Ecstatic dance in London as well as Dancing tribe in Latvia and Tantric community in England and Czech Republic.
Kirsty Yogini (London) has been practising yoga and mediation for 15 years. She has also explored in depth Tantra, conscious dance and movement as therapy in the last few years. She is passionate about helping and inspiring others to discover and awaken their own delightful energy bodies and potentials. She has studied with yoga and Tantra adepts Godfrey Devereux and John Hawken.
Irina Livija is a follower of Masters of the One Heart of All. Commited to the path of heart, she has extended experience as participant and facilitator in numerous groups, women circles, bodywork (accredited by Transpersonal Psychology Association), breathwork, latin dance (more than 15 years). She is also a member of EuroCoach team. She`s been assisting many tantra teachers like Pema Gitama, Mahasatvaa Sarita, HariPrem, Tanhit Maa Kali, Peruquois, Blake Steele, Robert Silber.


+371 29889675
Riga, Latvia

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Atmo Chaitanya