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Tantric Pulsations with Aneesha Dillon in Latvia

Tantric Pulsations with Aneesha Dillon in Latvia

Sākuma datums:
February 08, 2018
Beigu datums:
February 11, 2018
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Ratnieki, Līgatnes pagasts, , Latvia

Tantric Pulsation is a method of Tantra which relies on the sensing, feeling, and movement of body and breath. 
Tantric Pulsation workshops provide a loving, supportive environment for all participants to discover a new sensitivity, and to bring a meditative quality to intimate meetings with the other. It is a space to open up in deep trust and receptivity to the love we all long to give and receive.
We will use neo-Reichian deep breathing, movement and dance, active body meditations and chakra energy work to loosen the body's muscular "armoring", opening to deeper layers of relaxation and sensitivity. Tuning into the energy flow through the spine and the Chakras, we will explore the natural bio-electric polarity of the masculine and feminine energies.
Tantric meditations developed from Osho's "Book of Secrets" will form a basis for partner meditations using breath, eye contact, touch, inner sensing, and sharing. Meeting and melting with the other in a deep let-go, we can rediscover the natural blissfulness that is a potential of our loving relationships. 
Aneesha Dillon
created Osho Pulsation, a unique and delightful blend of neo-Reichian breathwork and meditation, by combining two streams of understanding, one Western, one Eastern. Over the last four decades Aneesha has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world through her popular workshops, trainings and individual sessions.
She has trained hundreds of people all over the world to do this work, and her book "Tantric Pulsation: The journey of human energy from its animal roots to its spiritual flowering" is available in several languages.

Group will take place at Ratnieki guest house ( ;

Group price is 320 Euro, food and accommodation included.
Info and booking:
Abhika,, +371 29726158
Nirupa,, +371 29550618


Rīga, Latvia

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