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VI Baltic Biodanza festival in Riga

VI Baltic Biodanza festival in Riga

Sākuma datums:
June 08, 2018
Beigu datums:
June 10, 2018
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Avotu iela 44, Rīga, Rīga, Latvia

VI Baltic Biodanza festival

“A Song to Life”

June 8 - 10, 2018


A Song to Life!

From the ancient times singing and dancing was and is the manifestation of freedom and identity.

The sound of wind through the trees and dance of synchronisation and perfection of birds in migration, the music of water caressing stones by the sea ...

The identity of life is sound and movement.

Music and dance are the strongest affirmation of life and human essence...

Biodanza is invitation to uncover the perfect nature.

Biodanza is the expression of human kindness and the celebration of being alive.

Biodanza is a “A Song to Life”...



Directors of Baltic Biodanza School (Sistema Rolando Toro):

Alejandra Villegas (Argentina, Spain)

PhD,  Director of the Biodanza schools in Leipzig and Riga. Stemming from her work in Argentina and Spain, she produced the first PhD on Biodanza, at the University of Leipzig, researching the psychological effects of Biodanza. She has participated in many Biodanza research projects, and is the author of several scientific publications.

Marcus Stück (Germany)

PhD, he is scientific head of interdisciplinary scientific projects on Biodanza and health at the University of Leizig, researching the immunological, endocrinological, physiological, and psychological effects of Biodanza in adults and children. He is also Professor for Educational Psychology in Riga, Professor of Psychology, Leading Scientist, at the University of Applied Science, Saxony (DPFA), and Director of the Institute of Biodanza Research Leipzig (IBR BIONET).

The Association of Biodanza teachers in Latvia and  biodanza teachers

Special Guest - Director of Tenerif Biodanza school (Spain)

Walter Orellana 

Born in Bolivia, grew up in Argentina. He is descendant of the Quechua. His roots tell him about the nature of integration with the Whole. Studied psychology, philosophy, comparative religion, Biodanza. Recent conference: Happiness from the utopia of Plato and Huxley. Francisco Varela theory: the Phenomena of Life. Inca Mythology: the Love  between the Sun and the Earth. 

Venue: Riga Avotu Primary School, 44  str. Avotu, Riga, Latvia

More information and apply to : www.biodanzalatvia.lv or +371 26408889 (Diana)

Participation fee: EUR 60.


29168546; 26408889
Tallinas iela 71, Rīga, Latvia

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