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Sākuma datums:
August 06, 2018
Beigu datums:
August 12, 2018
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Bevuļēni, Taurupes pagastā, Ogres novadā (starp Ogri un Ērgļiem), Turupe, Latvia

PERCUSSION PLEIN AIR is a place where to restart your being, through movement and sound, reconnecting with your natural source of energy. This is a place where to remember how it was to be surprised of the unknown and learn it, like back in childhood - without any goals, rates and requirements set. This is the place where, along with everyday masks, you drop everything you don't need from both the physical and energetic body. It's a place where to share your uniqueness - be who you are and celebrate it in an international, open-minded and open-hearted company in daytime master classes, sharing meals along one family table, and evening jam sessions around the campfire.


Nils Īle (Latvija) percussion

Abdoulaye Camara (Guinea) African dance and drums

Vineta Lagzdina (Australia) ethnomusicology

Liva Tin-Liva Rudzite (Latvia) polimerclay ethnic jewelry workshop 

Sandra Dzilna (Latvia) ritual art

Agnese Uzule (Latvia) ethnopercussion basics, dreamcatchers workshop

Maija Sējāne Īle (Latvia) ethnopercussion basics, making your own music instrument workshop

Janis Argalis - torch workshop

PARTICIPANTS - everyone, regardless of age (small children are invited together with parents), anyone who loves or would like to get to know better oneself, creativity, art, self-expression, nature. With or without musical experience. Percussion Plein Air - it means - for a week participate in instrumental, dance and vocal workshops led by world-class masters, reunite with nature. Opportunity to get acquinted with a number of masters and improve your percussion or other ethnical musical instrument playing skills OR start from basicsif this is a new world to you. Learn to feel the Africa through rythm and dance. Develop instrumental music and vocal improvisations, in other words, open your natural creativity. Being a musician or musical in classical sense is NOT a requirement, you just have to have the curiosity and love to music!

Plein Air will be held in Bevuļēni (Taurupes parish, Latvia), in countryside, quiet and spacious place. 

WE WILL PROVIDE: a bed in house (in room together with other plein air participants; please, take your own bed linen) OR camping site for your tent in plein air territory; 3 meals per day; hot indoor shower and cool outdoor shower! Limited number of beds, un limited spots in camping site. 

Have a look in Percussion Plein Air 2014 here: 



Fulll time (accomodation in house):

Till June 15: 175 EUR (adults), 140 EUR (children 9-14 y.), 105 EUR (children 3-8y.)

Till June 30: 240 EUR (adults), 192 EUR (children 9-14 y.), 144 EUR (children 3-8y.)

Till August 6: 280 EUR (adults), 224 EUR (children 9-14 y.), 168 EUR (children 3-8y.)

Fulll time (accomodation in your tent):

Apply anytime: 140 EUR adults, 112 EUR (children 9-14 y.), 84 EUR (children 3-8y.)

Part time participation (accomodations ONLY in your tent)

Apply till June 15: 20 EUR daily (adults), 16 EUR daily (children 9-14 y.), 12 EUR daily (children 3-8y.)

Apply till June 30: 25 EUR daily (adults), 20 EUR daily (children 9-14 y.), 15 EUR daily (children 3-8y.)

Apply till August 6: 30 EUR daily (adults), 24 EUR daily (children 9-14 y.), 18 EUR daily (children 3-8y.)

In price included: all workshops, meals 3 x day (vegan and omnivore options avalible), accomodation by your choice.

Payment by bank transfer.

Applications send to: nilsilestudio@inbox.lv



Rīga, Latvia

Our team

Agnese Uzule