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Journey to Rishikesh

Journey to Rishikesh

Sākuma datums:
November 12, 2018
Beigu datums:
November 26, 2018
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
, Rishikesh, India

Dear friends,We are very pleased to invite you with us to the north of India. Our November trip will take place during the sacred month of "Кartik" – a time favorable for self-awareness and spiritual practice. Taking part in our journey will help you move away from the hassle of your daily routine and refocus your attention to self-knowledge and healing. The energy of India will elevate you above the minutia and, perhaps, will even allow for a new perspective on yourself and your life. During the trip you will get acquainted with the traditions, religion, and culture of the country.For those of you who want to experience these two unforgettable weeks, our trip offers:

- Warm - late autumn notwithstanding - sunny weather and pure mountain air; 

- Bathing in the sacred river Ganges;

- Yoga and meditation; 

- Encounters with enlightened masters; 

- Introduction to Ayurvedic procedures; 

- Variety of healthy vegetarian treats; 

- Visits to sacred places, including ancient Vedic rituals of Aarti in the temples near the river Ganges; 

Attending concerts and joining in chanting mantras and bhajans;- Rafting;

The sacred river Ganges flows through the city, and its sandy beaches are the site of numerous ashrams and ancient Hindu temples. It is at Rishikesh that the river comes out from the mountain gorges and begins its full-flow along the plain, which is why the waters of the Ganges at this point are still clear and unhurried. The mountainous air is fresh and crisp - just a right place for elevating your practice of yoga and meditation.

Program:- Waking up; breathing practice & tea – 6:00-7:00;-

 Morning Yoga 8.15-10.00;

- Breakfast 10.15-11.00;-

 Meditation at the Ganges 11.00-12.00;

- Lunch; 

- Free time; 

- Satsang in the Ashram every day except Thursday and Friday - 16.00-17.30/18.00;

- Evening meditation in the Ashram every day except Thursday and Friday 19.00-20.00;

Or- Evening ritual of Aarti on the banks of the Ganges 18.00-19.00;

- Dinner;

- Resting time;

Your Teachers and Guides:Hatha Yoga:

SurinderSingh Healing and energizing classes of hatha yoga are led by the famous Master of Yoga, Surinder Singh. Surinder creates such an energy space in which our attention does not dissipate even for a second in order to catch all the valuable instructions of the teacher. At the end of the lesson, there is usually time for questions and answers. Yoga classes are designed for both beginners and already practicing yogis.

Pankaj Seth At the age of 13 Pankaj began his yoga journey in his birth place, the holy city of Varanasi and when he turned 15 he began teaching and sharing the ancient knowledge of Yoga. His teaching style is inspired by the Bihar School of Yoga where he completed his first yoga training with his guru. He spent many years with different yogis to experience the yogic lifestyle, and now he successfully teaches yoga in his two schools in the Himalayas

Satsang :(sat = true, sanga = meeting) is a gathering of people around an enlightened master, with the purpose of hearing the truth, talking about it and absorbing it.Ajatananda Ashram is an interreligious monastic ashram, dedicated to the Oneness of Truth and the teachings of Non-Duality (Advaita). It values ​​silence, contemplation and Self-Inquiry.. The Ashram Community is under the spiritual guidance of its Head Monk, Swami Atmananda Udasin. A teacher of the Direct Path of Non-Duality according to the tradition of Advaita Vedanta, he offers regular satsangs and retreats, both in India and overseas.I

ndia Jivaeva, a Healing Therapist and World Traveler, trained in Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Yoga & Thai massage, Reiki. India has been leading transformational workshops, retreats, and giving individual sessions for the last 18 years around the world.

Dates: November 12 - November 26

Price: 780 Euro  730 euro for couples, and those who register before October 10

Included in the price:- Transfer from the airport to the lodgings;- Accommodation in a double room, in a comfortable hotel;

- vegetarian meals; 

- Trips to holy places (you are paying only for transport);

- Morning Yoga;

- Daily meditation sessions;

- Troubleshooting;

The price does not include:

- Flight from your city to Delhi;

- Train from Delhi to Rishikesh (10 euros);

- Е-visa from 90 euros;

- Insurance from 30 euro;

- Diagnosis and procedures in the Ayurvedic Clinic;

- Donations for Satsangs;-

 Donations in the temples;-


We offer help with your visa, insurance and airline tickets for a small fee.Anyone wishing to have a more luxurious accommodation may inform us in advance in order to book the upgraded stay. For more detailed information please call India Jivaeva:+371 28229816


+371 28229816
Blaumana 36, Riga, Latvia

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