Dance of Energy and Consciousness

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Energy Body - Tantric approach

Energy Body - Tantric approach

Sākuma datums:
January 27, 2019
Beigu datums:
January 27, 2019
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Beigu laiks:
Lampa. 8 Cesu iela, Riga, Latvia

Tantra, amoung other practical spiritual paths, helps us to awaken to the reality of the Energy Body. 

Many of us, go along our whole lives, without awareness that we are not merely flesh, bones and thoughts. How liberating to experience we are energy beings, having a human experience. 

Why cultivate an awareness of the Energy Body?

Everyday life becomes richer. Awakening to our energetic nature connects us to the deeper reality and nature of life. It is where real intimacy, joy, love and bliss happens. 

We invite you for an experiential intensive workshop, where we will explore our Energy Bodies, using methods from Tantra, Neo-Tantra, Yoga and Qi Gong

11:00 - Dynamic Yoga
12:00 - Opening Circle
12:30 - Tantric Breath meditation
13:30 - Energy Fibers (exploring energy taking/giving dynamics, such as energy vampires, victims, etc)
14:30 - Lunch
15:30 - Yiquan Qi ball
16:00 - Energy massage
17:30 - Tantric Kundalini meditation
18:30 - Tantric Energy Ritual
20:00 - Closing Circle 

Exchange: 45€ or 85€ for two (partner, friend)

first 6 places: 40€ or 75€ for two!

Workshop is open to all levels of experience.

No nudity or sexual penetration involved.

Bring a blanket and some massage oil (will be used on the neck)

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Atmo Chaitanya (London) has been practising Tantra and meditation and conscious dance for the last 8 years. He is passionate about organising, assisting, co-creating and facilitating conscious dance, cacao and Tantra workshops, which help to heal, awake the vital Energy and to reconnect to the celebration of Life. He is deeply involved in the Tribal Heart shamanic trance dance community, 5rhythms and Ecstatic dance in London as well as Dancing tribe in Latvia and Tantric community in England and Czech Republic.

Kirsty Yogini (London) has been practising yoga and meditation for 15 years. She graduated from John Hawkens Tantra school in 2017 and continues to expolore, learn and share the depths of Tantra. She is also a conscious dance and movement as therapy practitioner and qualified personal movement trainer. She is passionate about helping and inspiring others to discover and awaken to their own delightful energy and potential. She has studied with yoga and Tantra adepts Godfrey Devereux and John Hawken.


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Riga, Latvia

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