Dance of Energy and Consciousness

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Ecstatic Dance ∞ Celebrating Human Experience

Ecstatic Dance ∞ Celebrating Human Experience

Sākuma datums:
April 26, 2019
Beigu datums:
April 26, 2019
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Lampa, Cesu Iela 8, Riga, Latvia

Welcome to the spring edition of Ecstatic Dance! Spring invites us to celebrate our human experience, in its beauty and imperfections. As spiritual beings having human experience, let’s celebrate all that we are, through freeform dance and movement meditation. No steps to follow, no right or wrong way to move. Just you, in the group of fellow dancers, moving to the rhythms, as you wish in each moment.  

18:00 doors open

18:15 yoga flow warm up with Kirsty Yogini

19:00 opening circle

19:15 Ecstatic Dance with Atmo Chaitanya

21:15 relaxation and closing circle

21:30 time to connect and socialise

Rules of the game:

- no talking on the dance floor

- no alcohol or drugs

- no shoes

exchange: 7€

wear loose comfortable clothes

“When we dance, we wake up, we get down and juicy with ourselves, we have fun and forget all the heavy shit we carry around. In the dance we get real, get free, get over ourselves. Movement kicks ass. When you truly surrender to your own rhythm, you look so cool, so mysterious, so seductive— the way you deep down really want to look but don’t trust that you do.” - Gabrielle Roth


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Riga, Latvia

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Atmo Chaitanya