How Your life would manifest fully in harmony with your deepest mission? Do You have already all the keys and answers needed for it to be fulfilled, meaningful and happy? This year for Sacral Journey “Gara Vasara” in Latvia on 10th-14th July we have invited the world’s best teachers in their field. In 5 days they will share with You their wisdom and powerful practices in these essential areas of Your life:

  • Health - physical, emotional, and spiritual;
  • Well-being -  the ability to be independent, to enjoy, to accept life challenges and to achieve desired goals;
  • Love - truthful and deep relationship with your partner, relatives and yourself;
  • Creativity - realization of personal qualities and skills;
  • Spiritual growth - personal development and transformation of consciousness.

Let Yourself experience healing, advance and see your life blossoming in that beauty, as you see it already in your heart.


It’s a fundament of your life’s stability, the main resource of your wealth and personal growth.

Health - your deepest sacral treasure - only you can take the responsibility for it.

How to be always healthy?

You need to understand the relationship between your physical, emotional, mental and energy systems. You also need to learn to communicate and make friends with it, learn techniques, self-regulating practices and meditations, secrets of a nutrition and lifestyle from an experienced practitioners and specialists.

Bathhouse and plant ceremonies.
The programme will also include various types of meditation, body practices and individual sessions.


We are fortunate enough to live in a wonderful time - never before people have had so many options available. Where to draw your attention and direct your energy, what to do in this life, what goals do you set yourself?

Imagine - you can truly experience a colorful and fulfilling life by achieving your most daring goals!

It's time to get rid of concepts, conditions and limitations - old and destructive "programmes".

For your emotional freedom, past traumas and wound healing, self-knowledge and self-development requires knowledge and understanding of Oneself!

Financial wealth constellations. Work with money’s energy. Alyona Ramjeet Kaur (Latvia)
Human design. Julia Krakova (Israel)


A true personal growth is possible only when a person realizes and practices conscious, loving relationship with Oneself (first of all!), partner, collogues, friends...

Perhaps you also feel it - the common concepts of partnership, intimacy and love are outdated, incomplete and shallow.

“Being together”. Tantra meditation sessions for couples. Hariprem Swami un Ma Anand Kaulika (India)
“Communication. Intimacy. Love. ” Bharganath & Bhavani (Latvia)


Creativity is freedom – the ability to avoid becoming a victim to impose conditions and restrictions.

People's doubts or prejudices discourage creative expressions, maybe you also think that dancing, singing, painting and creating can be "right or wrong" and that it has to be learned in particular …

See for yourself, what you’re really capable of!

The ability to "create" manifests itself not only in the field of art, but also the ability - to create and influence your life!

Dance journey. Kristina Pashkevichius (Estonia)
Africa’s soul singing. Mufrika (Zambia)
Magic of Percussion Rhythm. Pepe Danza, Mufrika, Kanisaifa & friends.


... in each of us lays a Traveler - it is the Being itself, the soul that tends to explore, grow and manifest.

The purpose of this Traveler is to understand his supreme life task.

When unlimited Energy, Awareness, Love, and Creativity meet in the flow of life, the transformation of the person, the spiritual growth, inevitably – Awakening - takes place.

Be brave and give your soul this chance to choose that suits you the best!

Yoga deepest secrets. Mikhail Ogorodnikov (Russia/India).


But it’s not all yet!

World artist’s performances, rituals, ceremonies and concerts.

Soul singer, Baul and Tantras mystic - Ma Ananda Kaulika (India)
Latvian authentic new age gang – Kanisaifa
Straight from Zambia - special guest with the African soul motives – Mufrika (Zambia)

Music at the Gara Vasara is much more than just concerts!


Please be aware:

Sacred Journey is not entertainment, but a powerful, transforming process!

Šīs zināšanas tevi dziedina, iegūtā pieredze ietekmē tavas izvēles, mērķus un vairo Tavus sasniegumus!

Knowledges and experiences you’ll get - will heel you, may affect your choices for good, change your life targets and multiply achievements in life!  

If you’re ready to take responsibility of YOUR OWN LIFE – this is the right moment!

rezervē savu vietu