Tantra was always an important part of Gara Vasara and this year will not be an expception!
First of all, for a simple reason that Tantra is Love (and Gara Vasara in it’s deepest meaning is a festival of love).

And second, this year we are expecting the presence of our Tantra teacher Hariprem Swami and his beloved – Maa Anand Kaulika.


They are guiding you in a space of uncoditional love and helping you to connect with Divine inside your own heart. You will have the opportunity to get this experience in the meetings – Tantra Heart meditiations – and in the amazing evening ritual. An intensive group for couples on one of the festival’s days will let them go through a deeper experience.

Our video of Tantra meditation with Hariprem has almost 1M views on youtube, enjoy you too:

There will also be other different workshops and Tantra meditations, Tantra Chillout and other acitivities connected with Tantra.

That’s why tantricas love Gara Vasara.

Kaulikas song of Gara Vasara “Call of the Spirit”: