Yoga & Healing

We love Yoga, we love ourselves!
We begin in early morning and devote the first half of the day to care for ourselves and our bodies.

Yoga classes, practices of self-healing and self-regulation with amazing, experienced and careful teachers.

Discover, experience, fall in love with yourself! Learn how to keep your physical and emotional balance and much more!

  • Yoga classes of different styles and levels;
  • Morning yoga in the open air;
  • Advanced workshops and lectures on some yoga schools;
  • Breathing and Biodynamic breathwork;
  • Psychology, Dance and Movement therapy, Art therapy;
  • Family constellations, Journeys to the Subconsciousness, Sound and Voice therapies;
  • Massage and self-regulation techniques;
  • • Lectures and workshops with osteopaths, nutraceutics, kinеsiology.