Agreement for participants

Sacred Journey and Festival Gara Vasara* is a unique space where participants go through a beautiful and deep inner process. To create the atmosphere of openness, calmness and joy together, it is be necessary to follow this agreement for participation:

  • It is assumed that participants of the Festival are adults (18+) and are responsible for their decisions and actions.
  • The Sacral place is free from alcohol, TV and other drugs. We kindly ask you to refrain from smoking and using mobile phones. We will not use glass tablewear and detergents unfriendly to nature.¬†¬†Please do not also take your pets with you.
  • Love and respect yourself and others:
    • everything happening during the meditations is completely confidential;
    • using the camera during classes and workshops is not allowed;
    • do not use perfume and scented personal hygiene products;
    • come to meditations 10 minutes before the start.

* Gara Vasara is not a public or commercial event. The organizers reserve the right to not allow to participation in the Journey/Festival any person without explaining the reasons.