Conscious Intuitive Nutrition "Eat - Pray - Love"

I invite you on a fascinating journey to a school of conscious intuitive eating "Eat Pray Love." We will touch on many themes, which at first glance do not seem related to nutrition. However, everything is connected to everything, and when we study connections, we understand the world deeper, and hence, ourselves.

We come to know the world through a variety of systems, practices, religion, philosophy ... But whatever we do – we do eat - always! I invite you to expand your picture of the world, related to the subject of food and see in this process smth more than meeting the basic needs or emotional gratification.

Food is a basic spiritual practice and an efficient tool for self-improvement!

People who are deeply interested in the subject of nutrition, could be divided into two main groups: one comes to it because of diseases, other through the spiritual search. Anyway, having attended our classes, you will have completely different attitude towards everything related to food, eating, nutrition...

We will consider the evolutionary process, learn how gastronomic standards have varied over time.

We will expose hidden biases of mind and body, associated with psychology of eating, and reconsider stereotypes associated with food consumption. We will obtain new effective tools for personal development that will forever change your main spiritual and secular practice - eating process. And of course, we will learn to choose products, interact with them, and consume food in a more perfect way.

We will immerse ourselves into such a natural homeworld that will change us forever.


Julia Krakova