Pasniedzējs Esther Vera lv

It may seem unbelievable, however by reading our bodies it is possible to identify the course of our life events, emotional state, locate energy blocks, which are preventing the energy to flow freely and thus creating a strain in our life. In regards to this matter, Esther is a real master - she is a physiotherapist, an osteopath, with a great deal of experience working with a wide range of pathologies. She has also gained experience at work in a hospital in Peru and the Amazonian jungle. In addition, Esther is combining her wisdom and experience with the knowledge gained from a degree in philosophy and theosophy. When you are cared and nurtured by Esther her magical touch and knowledge of the connection between physical, emotional and subtle bodies, will prevent body tension and put things in order. She gives an opportunity to understand the areas of tension in our lives and will help us to regain the natural flow of energy. Esther will share practical tips on how to maintain healthy energy levels and physiological health to live your life in full.

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