Pasniedzējs Evita Maurmane lv

I'm re-birthing therapist and personal development coach (Life couching). During individual sessions with children and during group sessions I use conscious breath and re-birthing therapy. My tools are my Soul's knowledge, experience and education. I have a bachelor's degree in pedagogy and a master's degree in business administration. Particularly, my cognitive areas are - the human path from birth (including creation itself) t o maturity, as well as the psychology of reincarnation, the true nature of man and the growth of personality, helping to integrate all unique talents in life. These are the topics I lead lectures and practical masterclasses. I'm the author of several books - "Dvēseles čukstu" (The Whisper of Soul) , "Laika grāmatas" (Time Book), "39", "Māras Zeme Latvija" (Mara Land Latvia).

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