Recall Healing

“It is ordered to survive” - where do the symptoms and diseases come from.

Everything that surrounds us in our life is neither good, nor bad. We pass impressions through the prism of our emotions and feelings and give our own evaluation to that. And not even we, but our brain filters what is happening between the “familiar” and “new-unknown”, giving us the appropriate reaction, coloring events in “negative” and “positive”. But only this reaction often has nothing to do with the surrounding reality. We often tell ourselves: I'm fine! Husband, home, family, work, why is it so empty inside? Why is there lack of strength to rejoice? It’s the “fault” of accumulated "charges" and those "polarities" that exist in our subconsciousness, forcing us to respond in one way or another to what is happening, sometimes launching completely unreasonable biological survival programs that lead to illnesses or psycho-emotional experiences that are not true.

Today we can say with confidence that our brain is very “automatic”, it has its own “data bank”, which stores everything in itself, even since the moment of intrauterine development. When conflicts inside are accumulated to and reach a critical level, we get sick, or fall into depression. Such a chain can be traced: the psyche feels what is happening, the mind analyzes all this, the brain gives commands to the body and the body reacts. And for unknown reasons, we begin to feel bad, and even get sick. Many have already heard that we have the so-called "reptile" part of the brain, it perceives many events in life as "dangerous" and turns on for us a system of biological protection that promotes survival. But all this is perceived by us as a disease and its automatic reactions at the level of animal instincts can lead us to severe consequences. Sometimes the disease comes as the only way to discharge, to cry, let go, to give meaning to what happened. It comes as a necessary mean to save the entire body. Today, I consider “unloading” of emotional experiences as one of the most important actions in our daily life. The stressed out brain begins to attract as a magnet the worst scenario into the life, looking for scenarios in the programs of the mother or father, and even their parents. We then say - this is “hereditary” here. And maybe hereditary – it is just a scheme for responding to events? After long years of suppressing your true needs? What is the way out?

At the seminar, I want to give a short description of the “Healing by Memories” method according to Gilbert Renault's “Recall Healing” method, which can help to understand traumatic experiences or hidden fears coming from genetic programs. This is my new deep passion, my last “puzzle” to effectively help solving problems with health, psyche and not only that.


Alyona Ramjeet Kaur