Tantra is Love

Love is not what we think it is. We are all looking for the experience of Love, because there is nothing more fulfilling than Love. At the same time we are very scared of Love, because in Love we have to be true, we have to drop our mind games, we have to be naked in front of the other. Love is almost like dying. Still everyone looks for Love, because without Love our Soul cannot fly.

Our love, as we know it is very unconscious. When we fall in love we are not aware that many unconscious forces are involved. In our group we explore this dilemma. Tantra offers a way to meet with the Truth that we are. To come out of dreams and illusions, and connect with our eternal being of love and light.

By our Tantra Meditation Practice, we bring more consciousness into our Heart, and open a way to start Rising in Love instead of falling. Tantra is the way of Conscious Love, and only conscious love can nourish our Soul, so that our life becomes a Celebration, a Dance of Love and Joy.

We are all divine beings of love. We have come to this planet to learn about love in a physical body and a physical world. However, we all have forgotten our divine nature and our purpose here on Earth, and as a consequence we live in great confusion and suffering.

Meditation helps us to remember who we really are, and helps us to come back to love, joy and peace. We find our home within, in the inner space of the Heart, the inner space of Love.

The workshop is aiming at looking directly into our reality without any mediator and without any concepts. Many ancient oriental and also modern successful self-evolution techniques content practices which help people to connect with their inner being.  Managing those techniques  can raise your everyday quality. The connection with our inner love and peace- to what we really are, helps not to be dependent on external conditions. It makes us less manipulative, as we are not led by fears any more.


Hariprem Swami & Ma Anand Kaulika