'Singing Freedom' vocal liberation and harmonics

'Singing Freedom' is an experiential journey open to all, for those who want to explore their physical body and their vocal instrument in 360 degrees, for pleasure and healing, in search of relaxation, exploration and expansion of expression.

Overtone singing, a key element of this path towards vocal freedom, originates in Mongolia, and creates a double sound in the voice: above the fundamental note you'll notice a melody of high pitched whistles, almost like a flute. A specialist of vocal harmonics, Igor has spent the last 25 years of his life in search of relaxation through sound and vibration. After starting to play the didgeridoo, he discovered overtone singing in 1990 and has continued to experiment; today he's capable of producing 11 clear overtones in his voice, leaving people listening with open mouth!

Together with the participants, Igor and Arianna create a safe space of mutual trust in which it becomes easier to go through emotions and discover the power of life energy flowing through our system as we express them fully and free of judgement. The body is accompanied and softened through particularly meditative Yoga practices and Kriya, sequences of breathing exercises. All proposed techniques are simple, musical, fun and beneficial to our health and moral: key elements that can become useful tools in everyday life. This is 'Singing Freedom'!

General themes of the Singing Freedom seminar are:

- Vocal Freedom

- Empathic Communication

- Breathing the Elements

- Sound Massage

- Intuitive Sound Diagnosis

- Sound Prayer

- Real Magic

- Our Inner Child

- From anger to power

- Personal Magnetic Space and Natural authority

- Balance between Masculine and Feminine

- Being and Becoming a Vehicle for Loving Consciousness.


Igor Ezendam & Arianna Artioli