Dance Journey

This Dance journey is inspired by the shamanistic dance tradition, 5 rhythms dance and the tantric worldview.

We have incarnated to this planet exactly to those bodies we have and all our wisdom, talent and essence expresses itself through this body. So it is important to go along with one´s body, to take care of it, hold it and love it, to find one´s unique dance, one´s rhythm and movements. This is what we´ll do on this Dance journey, we aim to catch our dance and we will do it together.

We consciously take contact with one´s bodies, listen to its´ needs, it´s longings, we give a chance for the body to express itself, we consciously learn to surrender and be humble in front of ourselves and life, to move lightly and give ourselves a chance to get in contact with our deepest wisdom, purity and beauty. We dance ourselves into silence…but from silence starts magic...


Kristina Paškevičius