Pasniedzējs Kristina Paškevičius lv

I am a dancer, choreographer and a naturopath. As a freelancer I have conducted, played and done choreography for various Estonian theatres. On a daily bases I engage in leading dance journeys, women´s circles and doing natural therapies. My purpose is to be happy! What makes me happy? Peace, beauty, cooperation, creation, listening to my heart, breathing together with other people, nature and of course dancing. I live and breathe through the dance. It is especially through dance that I feel the presence and contact with my true nature. My biggest teacher is the mystical life itself. I have learned that each and every one of us has his/her unique dance in life and inner rhythms are similar to seasons, nature, elements and the stars. By tuning into those rhythms and by understanding them, we can start to flow together with the world in a supportive, beautiful and heartwarming way. I have been influenced the most in my life by theatre, dance, Tantra, Shaolin, Taiji, Butoh, aroma therapy, reflexology, homeopathy, reiki, shamanism, children, men, women and silence.

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