Ecstatic Dance with DJ Moyo Visia

Dj Moyo Visia (Ananda events) - one of the most experienced ecstatic dance ambassadors in the Baltics, who, after traveling around the world, is visiting Latvia to awaken the pulsations of Mother Earth and your Heart in ecstatic dances through shamanic rhythms, healing melodies and powerful basslines.

Dance rituals on earth are practiced from time immemorial. Nowadays, when people have separated themselves from one another and the Universe with their mind and technology, it will the comming together as a dancing tribe that will allow us to return to Wholeness the fastest.

This form of dance is special. It's a ritual that you do for yourself.

It is your chance to discover the Healing power of dance - Silence your mind, Release emotions & prejudices, Meditate on the move, Charge your energy, Awaken the spirit and feel unity with All!

Ecstatic dance is in you, let your body speak it! Dancing tribe is calling you!