Mandala Art

Mandala is one of the meditation techniques that helps to access the subconscious and allows you to touch the pain, experience, life events that are hidden deep in us and that are suppressed. Such an information from our subconscious doesn't allow your soul to life successful and joyful life -live peacefully, without anxiety, without fear. 

Mandala is like your fingerprint. Very unique, unrepeatable. Though changeable. 

Mandala allows your reality to come so close that you can capture and transform it into Love - healing and transforming your life events in the outer world.

During this practice you will create your own Mandala of your Wishes fulfilled with the healing energy of the Universe.

* No drawing skills required! Meditation will be guided, no prior knowledge is required. Everything you need for the process - will be provided. Come openminded and without no particular expectations. 


Kristine Om Shanti