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Primal - Childhood Deconditioning with Premartha & Svarup

Primal - Childhood Deconditioning with Premartha & Svarup

Sākuma datums:
December 06, 2019
Beigu datums:
December 12, 2019
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
Līgatnes pag, Ratnieki, Latvia

Primal stands for making peace with your past and meeting life with new eyes and a new heart. To be able to make peace, it is first necessary to acknowledge the woundedness that makes us reactive and often unconscious in our behavior even now, as adults.
It’s the child in us that still now feels unheard, not respected and not loved. As the adults we are, we need to meet that child, embrace its wounds and allow full expression to the anger and need that the child could not express. When the child is feeling seen and loved by us, the abundance of its essence, naturalness and energy will return in our lives. We will live it with a new inspiration
Once the feeling of our own integrity is regained, a real shift can happen: we can look at ourselves and the people of our past in a new way, with compassion and a deep sense of humanity. We become truly free.
This group takes place outside city in natural surroundings. For the whole duration of the group the participants will be asked to refrain from any direct contact with the outside world.
The group is conducted in English, with translation to Russian and Latvian.
Are fellow travelers since a lifetime. Together, they have been working for more than thirty years.
They are very experienced in the field of Primal and emotional healing, Sexuality and transformation, and Essence.
Their love is to inspire in others creativity, courage and trust in life. Their work has a successful outcome in both the inner and the outer world.
Out of their combined passion, has grown their unique way to teach, which is called DWIJA-TWICE BORN, a multicolored journey through a large variety of groups, courses and trainings.
Together, they have written a book about their work: “TWICE BORN-Healing the Past-Creating a New Future” (
Venue: Ratnieki, Latvia
Time: December 6 - 12, 2019

Eur 650 ( Food and accommodation included)

Contact:, +371 27759979 (Asti)


+371 27759979
Cēsu ielā 8, 5 stāvs, Riga, Latvia

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