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Language of Love. Tantra retreat

Language of Love. Tantra retreat

Sākuma datums:
November 06, 2020
Beigu datums:
November 08, 2020
Sākuma laiks:
Beigu laiks:
, Purgaiļi, Latvia

You are invited to enjoy a beautiful healing inner journey in 3 days Tantra retreat "Language of Love" with Bharganath & Bhavani.

One of the main principles of Tantra is the knowledge about feminine and masculine polarities and the ability to use this unlimited source of energy in our life - for our health, prosperity, loving relationships and spiritual growth…

Because this energy can heal and liberate us, it gives us direction, confidence and power, inspires us and gives sense to every moment of our Life!

In our retreat “Language of Love” we will practice different kinds of meditations (individually and with a partner) and will experience the transformative power of collective energy.

We will open up to another level of relationship with ourselves, with a partner and the whole world - this is the level where Love is blossoming...

Our journey will go through the liberation of our sexual energy to the Heart and from the Heart to our Divine nature.


On our journey we will learn how to:

- come back to your center, connect with your own power and be confident in yourself;

- feel and tune in to your inner flow;

- give and receive, how to support and share with a partner;

- sync and connect on all levels. How to fly together;

- enjoy - to be in Oneness, in Love…

… and where it can bring us…


We will practice dynamic meditations, breath work, psycho-emotional releasing techniques, meditative inner journeys.

We will experience different kinds of meditations and rituals - individually, with a partner and the whole group.

We will enjoy true moments of heartful intimacy and total emptiness.


VENUE: the retreat will take place in the guest house Purgaili, Latvia  (, about 150 km away from Riga.

DATES: November, 6-8.


for individuals - by registering till October, 16 (Early Bird) - 240 EUR, after 300 EUR.

for couples - by registering till October, 16 (Early Bird) - 450 EUR, after 550 EUR.

* including vegetarian meal (3 times per day) and accommodation.


Important to know before you book:

This retreat is a process of self-cognition and spiritual transformation, it’s suited for couples (you don’t need to be partners in life, - you can also be just friends if you feel save and confident with each other) and individuals (since the number of men and women in the group should be equal we will find a partner for you).

*** All the practices and meditations are free from any sexual or other personal borders crossing activities.


BOOKING: to book your place in the retreat please send your request to (please write your name, age and experience in meditation and self-development pratices - if you don’t have any but have a lot of motivation - please describe it!)

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us. If it’s needed Zoom call is also possible.


+371 29541164
Rīga, Latvia

Our team

Bhavani Prem
Juris Grave