Festival Gara Vasara 2016

Festival for self-cognition, harmonic and fulfilled life! 

30 - 31stJuly 2016


"Ratnieki", Līgatne municipality

A warm welcome to our dear Friends, Seekers and Life lovers!

When the summer is in full swing, we are excited to open the magic doors and invite you all to the 6th festival "Gara Vasara" (Baltic Spirit Festival). It will be a beautiful meeting with your inner self and your limitless possibilities. It will be amazing self-cognition journey together with friends and like-minded people. Be encouraged and inspired by world's recognized teachers and masters, get chills while immersing yourself into the sounds of the world-music, and join this incredible experience and celebration of mindful living. 

Mindful practices, creative workshops and the world's most beautiful music 

Wherever you are on your self-cognition journey, you will be able to fill these two festival days with relaxing and challenging yoga and meditation classes, learn healing breathing techniques, strengthen your inner power with martial arts, and experience the wisdom of Tantra, Sufi path, shaman rituals, Buddhism and other spiritual practices. 

Awaken your spirit, free your mind and reconnect with yourself through exciting sound, rhythmic and movement workshops. 

Explore and heal your body, mind and soul, and immerse yourself in the inspiring ideas during various lectures from world's recognized masters and teachers. Learn new techniques and reach your full potential, improving your well-being and everyday life.

All this incredible celebration will be filled with world's most beautiful music, healing sounds of Amazonian shaman, mysterious Indian ragas, gongs and African drum masters together with marvelous vocals. 

Inspiring and loving atmosphere

Self-pampering procedures, sensational sauna rituals and relaxing massages will be available on the festival site. If you are arriving with kids, our children camp friendly and responsible staff will take care of them while you are enjoying festival classes and workshops. Our hand-picked food vendors will offer a quick bite throughout the day, and festival chiefs will take care of festive atmosphere by offering on-site made, healthy vegetarian, vegan and raw meals. 

In between classes, enjoy shopping in the festival market and get yourself new yoga and summer clothing, handmade goods, eco-friendly items or healthy snacks. 

Everything you need is already inside you

We will warmly welcome in the festival everyone who feels limited in the world of "ordinary life". Those who want to awaken their mind, free their spirit and live up to their full potential - come join us! We invite those who are longing for mindful relaxation, learning new techniques to improve quality of your life and being surrounded by friends and like-minded people in the inspiring and loving atmosphere. 

This year’s festival theme: ‘Everything you need is already inside you’

Internationally recognized teachers, top local instructors, teachers, speakers and performers

Detailed information about classes and masters, teachers, seminars and workshops is available on our webpage below. We are improving and adding new classes every day, so what you can see now is not everything! More great things are coming!

Yes, I will be there!

Participation fee – donation (tickets can be purchased at ‘Bilesu serviss’)

You can press ‘Book here’ and pay if you have registered as a ‘Gara Vasara’ community member.

‘Gara Vasara’ tickets:

2 days (check in from 8pm 29th check out by 6pm Sunday 31st of July) from 40€

Day tickt Saturday  - from 25€

Day ticket Sunday - from 25€

Donation for children 10€/day

Day tickets check in from 8pm check out by next day evening.

(29.07 from 8pm till 30.07)

(30.07 from 8pm till closing)

Discount for families (2 adults and a kid/kids -20%)