Sacred Journey "Gara Vasara" 2016

Dear friends, staunch followers and restless neophytes!

We are glad to share first and foremost with you:

We are working on our new Sacred Journey and invite you to become a participant in due time. Indescribable, mysterious…

Already the sixth Journey* “Gara Vasara” 2016 will be held on July, 25-29, in Latvia, Ratnieki.

The worlds most recognized masters and teachers, already cherished and yet undiscovered musicians, expected events and bright surprises; versatile, exciting and inspiring five-day program for your self-cognition, deep internal transformation and spiritual awakening.

The amount of travelers stays the same as before – max 200 participants.

The most important, invariable information you can find on this homepage. By checking the page regularly, you can follow how the Journey develops – see updates on invited teachers and musicians, the directions of the program, descriptions of the different practices and other important news. 


Our present and special offer for our most loyal, keen and decisive participants you can find on the buying page by clicking the big colorful button “Book here”!


(Following information is for those who hear about “Gara Vasara” for the first time.)

“Journey Gara Vasara” is a unique event that falls outside of any designations known to us by now*

Internal self-cognition journey that you set yourself out at Gara Vasara is a very deep, transformative and healing individual process, as well as an unrepeatable collective experience.

Outwardly it looks like this:

In a beautiful location of Latvia people from different places of the world come together for five or seven days. These people come from different backgrounds, experiences, searchings and life stories. They are so different that, at first, it is hard to recognize what exactly unites them.   

In the space of Gara Vasara these people go into different practices, meditations; participate in various sessions and lectures. As a result in one moment they share one common embrace. Sweat, tears, laughter.

Concerts become collective soul performances, celebrations of life. People who were so different just a few days ago connect with each other and something bigger, inapprehensible. What happens with each of them is their personal secret. However, often they reveal it to us…

…as a result this Journey takes place again and again.

Insight into the moments of the previous years may help you get an idea, feeling and inspiration.



* The first four years (2010-2013) “Gara Vasara” was called a “festival”, till this moment, when it became evident, that alongside different other designations, it is not possible to grasp the essence of the event with this (or one) word.

With love,

Gara Vasara team


Please don't take the program you see below as a final version. It's blooms and updates regularly, we are working on it!


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