Nezināms draugs
Greetings fellow explorers of the light with in. Tomorrow we will gather( at a location yet to be decided at a time yet to be decided) to do Qhi-gung for 1/2 an hour and then an introduction to Sacred Sexuality. (In the Dreamspell version of Maya Calendar tomorrow is the first day of a 13 day moon cycle of love trust and companionship, a day to set intent in order to manifest or desires.) Tomorrow is a perfect day to look at love, sexuality and how it can connect us to divinity. All societies and nations have a conception about God usually related to the story of our origin so that we may know where we come from and where we are going. From the prospective of sacred sexuality our origin is not a mystery the miracle of life’s creation is familiar to all of us as the impulse of sexuality. Each of us from the very conception to the present, are a continually unfolding sexual expression of the mystery of creation, which is not known to either science of religions. Together we will look at the Dominant cultural story about this impulse so that we may understand why the act of creating life is considered profanity in our age and how that affects our ability to understand and connect to divinity. We will discuss the practices of the sacred sexuality and the resulting experience of Oneness. Blessings to all see you tomorrow; please pass this on to any and all whom you may know that may be interested in Qhi-gung and this introduction. Please go here for the updates on space and time ( As always this sharing is free to all the participants, if you feel it you can bring an offering of food or drink for all to share in co-creating this event. Val Reznik ;)